The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 12:30 to 7pm.


About the Ivan Patzaichin Museum – Community Innovation Center

The new cultural space in the heart of the Danube Delta, the Ivan Patzaichin Museum – Community Innovation Center, built on the footprint of Ivan Patzaichin’s parents’ house in the village of Mila 23, celebrates the great champion’s successes and provides a framework for showcasing his concerns about the Delta, encouraging and expressing the culture and traditions of the Lipovans from Mila 23, while highlighting the fragile biodiversity of the Danube Delta.

Through educational projects and by providing a space for artistic and research residencies, the Museum is set to become an essential pillar in the life of the community and will contribute to the evolution of the Danube Delta and the well-being of its inhabitants, offering all protected natural areas in the country a model of an institution based on modern principles of community collaboration.

The Ivan Patzaichin Museum – Community Innovation Center in Mila 23 reinterprets the concept of a museum, integrating it into a modern cultural center and thus becoming an essential pillar in the dynamic progress of the local community. Functioning as a platform dedicated to celebrating Ivan Patzaichin’s achievements and concerns, the museum offers a vibrant framework for showcasing the culture and traditions of the Lipovans from Mila 23, while emphasizing the fragility of the Danube Delta’s biodiversity.

Photo credits: Mani Gutău

Visitors are invited to enter Patzaichin’s universe, explore key moments from his life, discover the history of the picturesque village of Mila 23, and appreciate the community’s contributions to paddle sports. Thus, the museum becomes a place of deep connection with the cultural and natural heritage of the Delta, encouraging understanding and appreciation for the local diversity.

The Ivan Patzaichin Museum is establishing itself as a community innovation center located in the heart of the Delta, in Mila 23 (Crisan commune), the birthplace of the great canoeist who lends the building his name. The idea of creating a space on the site of his parents’ house that would function as a hub for local development arose from extensive discussions between the two founders of the Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23 Association, namely Ivan and his partner, architect Teodor Frolu. They wanted to demonstrate that a public consultation process, carried out with dedication and coupled with genuine community involvement, has the ability to create a responsible community that comprehends how sustainable development is also advantageous. Following Ivan Patzaichin’s untimely passing, the Association took on his mantle and committed to continuing his legacy. Consequently, Frolu revised the functions of this space, adding a memorial dimension, one that underscores Ivan Patzaichin’s complex work and legacy.

Thus, the museum concept proposed by Teodor Frolu aims to be open and participatory, promoting learning and providing educational opportunities. It looks to be attractive and relevant to different categories of visitors, while also setting up a space where the community can come together, and find appropriate infrastructure for its activities and initiatives. Moreover, it aims to show that going back to the roots of a place’s history, the rules of community life, its culture, and biodiversity, coupled  with bringing traditions into contemporary times, can constitute replicable pillars of sustainability in any other natural area.

Photo credits: Mani Gutău

From an architectural standpoint, the museum is built from sustainable materials, and is a model of green building practices aligned with the local specificity of the Delta. The institution aims to become a catalyst for cultural life in the Delta, centering cultural events, artistic residencies, works of cultural heritage, promoting local traditions, workshops focused around local crafts (such as boat construction), and, of course, featuring a remarkable collection related to Ivan Patzaichin’s life. The museum benefits from the popularity of its namesake and is endorsed by his daughter, Ivona Potzaichin-Rusu. The Vice-President of the Association, Teodor Frolu, is also well-known for his past initiatives in the Delta, including his role as curator of the Ivan Patzaichin Memorial Ensemble on the waterfront in Tulcea. The museum’s stated mission is to carry forward the vision and social entrepreneurship programs of late Ivan Patzaichin and the Association that helped bring it all together.


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