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Ivan’s Delta

"Ivan's Delta" is the trilogy through which we honor Ivan Patzaichin’s work as well as continue it, made up of: the Ivan Patzaichin Memorial Ensemble in Tulcea, the Ivan Patzaichin Museum in Mila 23, and the water route connecting them like a gigantic bridge of water.

One of the themes that constantly concerned Ivan was the impact of mobility on the well-being of the people in the Delta. Transport solutions adapted to the specific conditions of the area, together with the adoption of a balanced vision of tourism, can lead to a healthier Delta with more prosperous people and tourists more interested in the variety of the place. Tulcea and the Delta need new  routes focused on cultural tourism, slow tourism, and ecotourism. The Ensemble aims to become an essential element in this endeavor, contributing to transforming the area into a must-see destination, encouraging exploration and strolling. Because, to quote Ivan, the most wonderful walks are those on water, keeping step with nature, the fish and the birds!

Ivan Patzaichin Memorial Ensemble

The Ivan Patzaichin architectural ensemble is a remarkable creation, resulting from the collaboration of five contemporary artists, under the guidance of curator Teodor Frolu, Ivan Patzaichin’s partner in the Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23 Association.The memorial is carefully placed on the waterfront of Tulcea, this ensemble aims to become a reference point for the city – a true gateway to the Danube Delta, embodying aesthetic, cultural, and historical values with a significant potential in revitalizing tourism, enriching cultural heritage, and promoting sustainable urban development.

Although conceived as a monument, the ensemble exudes a unique dynamic through elements in motion or suggesting movement. The water collector rotates in harmony with the rhythm of the Danube, the Garden metamorphoses with seasonal changes, the Metope mosaic captivates light in various ways, and the Column reflects its image every second. The steel material of the Stopped Wave and the Settled Heart provides stability, counterbalancing the sensation of continuous water movement.

Strategically located at the end of the promenade towards Sulina, near the Tulcea Art Museum, the Ensemble also assumes a utilitarian role, marking the starting point for exploring the Delta. Here, light boats begin their journey to the Danube Delta, offering those eager to discover the area at the pace of a paddle, in harmony with Ivan’s passion for water and nature, a solid and inspirational base.

The Ivan Patzaichin Memorial Ensemble came to life thanks to the initiative of the Tulcea County Council and the Tulcea City Hall, supported by the Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23 Association.

Curatorial Concept: Teodor Victor Frolu | Operational Manager: Adriana Ioan
Architecture Project: skaarhitects – Sorin Istudor, Kalliopi Dimou, Iulia Anghel
General Contractor: Max Boegl România – Complex Delta
General Builder: Terra Construct | Architectural Lighting: Interiors Data Trade
Electrical Installations: Flash Lighting Services | Technical Assistance: Opscape HUB

COLUMN – Author: Virgil Scripcariu | Structural Project: Popp & Asociații | Execution: Tooling Tech
METOPE – Author: Mircea Cantor | Mosaic Painting: Monumental Iconic
STOPPED WAVE AND SETTLED HEART – Author: Teodor Graur | Execution: VARD Tulcea
WATER COLLECTOR – Author: Dan Vezentan | Hydraulic System Design and Execution: Institute of Hydraulics and Pneumatics Research Bucharest | Water Filtration System: Toma Treatment Group | Execution: Tehnomet
GARDEN – Author: Oláh Gyárfás | Landscape Project: Atelier Foaie Verde | Execution: Tulcea Public Services

Slow Tourism Routes

Slow tourism routes, conducted with paddle and electric boats, will create connections between the Memorial Ensemble in Tulcea, the Ivan Patzaichin Museum in Mila 23, and other cultural and natural attractions in the natural and cultural landscape of the Danube Delta. This network will consolidate into an alternative proposal for responsible tourism, with the first element being the approximately 52-kilometer water route between Tulcea and Mila 23. It represents the initial initiative towards developing a complete infrastructure for exploring the Delta with ecological boats.

These routes are part of a project by the Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23 Association, financially supported by the Romanian-American Foundation (RAF) and the Department for Sustainable Development, in close collaboration with the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration (ARBDD). The project’s objective is to shift tourism paradigms towards a sustainable approach. The main component of this shift is the 52-kilometer aquatic route, representing a crucial step towards developing an infrastructure suited for visiting the Delta with environmentally friendly boats.

The initiative aims to protect tourist destinations, local communities, and the environment, contributing to promoting a sustainable and inclusive local economy. By transforming the tourism paradigm, we aim to bring lasting benefits both for the environment and for local communities, while offering tourists an authentic and responsible experience in the heart of the Danube Delta.

Photo credits: Mani Gutău

Concept: Architect Teodor Victor Frolu | Operational Manager: Adriana Ioan | Financial Manager: Dan Cârjan
Architecture Project: skaarhitects | Structure Project: Creative Engineering
General Contractor: Terra Construct | Wood Structure: GLULAM | Hemp System: HEMP NZEB
Restoration: ASTRA National Museum Complex | Graphics: studio shentzu | Exhibit Production: Kaustik

Ivan Patzaichin Museum in Mila 23

The Ivan Patzaichin Museum – Community Innovation Center in Mila 23 boldly reconfigures the traditional concept of a museum, integrating it into a modern cultural center and thus becoming an essential pillar in the dynamic progress of the local community. Functioning as a platform dedicated to celebrating Ivan Patzaichin’s achievements and concerns, the museum offers a vibrant framework for showcasing the culture and traditions of the Lipovans from Mila 23, while emphasizing the fragility of the Danube Delta’s biodiversity.

Visitors are invited to enter Patzaichin’s universe, explore key moments from his life, discover the history of the picturesque village of Mila 23, and appreciate the community’s contributions to paddle sports. Thus, the museum becomes a place of deep connection with the cultural and natural heritage of the Delta, encouraging understanding and appreciation of local diversity.

Through innovative educational projects and the integration of a residency area for contemporary artists, the museum transforms into an essential actor in the continuous evolution of the community and the perpetuation of cultural heritage. The generous financial contribution of the Main Partner BCR and Alpha Bank Romania was crucial for the museum’s realization, and the ensemble’s construction was made possible by sponsorships from Bosch Romania Foundation, Vasile Tomoiagă Association, Imuc Global Group, Addinol Lubricants Romania, TMD Pro Solutions, CTE Solution-Specialized Equipment, Energoconstruct. Sincere thanks also go to the Romanian-American Foundation for consistent financial and managerial support.

We invite you to discover Ivan Patzaichin’s journey and explore the Museum that honors his memory.