The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 12:30 to 7pm.


Acces to The Ivan Patzaichin Museum – Community Innovation Center

The Museum Ivan Patzaichin – Community Innovation Center is open Wednesdays to Sundays, 12:30 – 7:00 PM. 

Access to the museum is free. However, as the Museum is self-financed, your support is vital and helps our long-term commitment to sharing Ivan’s legacy. 

Book your free ticket and timeslot online through the application “Delta lui Ivan”. Download the app from the Apple Store, Play Store.

The application will be launched in June 2024, as it is currently undergoing validation at the Apple Store and Play Store. Therefore, please send visit requests to the email

Installing the app and creating a user account requires a valid email address.

Visits last approximately 1 hour, and the app allows you to book your preferred time slot. You will receive the confirmation via a QR code sent to your registered email address.

Please observe your selected visiting timeslot.

Occasionally visiting hours may vary depending on other activities at the museum. The updated museum schedule is to be found in the app.

For a minimum donation of 10 Euros you will receive access to the museum’s audio guide on your phone. Donations can also be made through the “Delta lui Ivan” app.

To enter the museum, scan the QR code at the turnstile gate. At the end of your visit, please scan the same code again at the exit turnstile.

About The Ivan Patzaichin Museum - Community Innovation Center

The Observatory Tower is the main museum space and it documents Ivan Patzaichin’s career. The Treasury hosts his most valuable medals and awards.

The Pavilion offers space for various cultural, artistic, educational, and community-building events.

The Gastronomy Area presents the working principles of PGLs (Local Gastronomic Points), a concept initiated by Ivan Patzaichin and made into law through his direct contribution.

For organizing group visits (10 or more persons) or activities in the Pavilion, please contact us at

Photo credits: Mani Gutău