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Bibaniada de fete – Women’s bass fishing competition in Mila 23

If it’s June, it’s the month of bass fishing goddesses!

In the heart of the Danube Delta, at Mila 23, you will discover fisherwomen who master the art of rod fishing. They will be joined by other fishing enthusiasts from across the country, forming teams for the Bibaniada– the only women’s bass fishing competition in Romania.

Inspired by the tradition from the village of Mila 23, where, after the prohibition period, women go out on the water to fish for bass, the competition takes place over three stages: fishing, a gastronomic festival, and an artistic program.


June 22 – Ivan Patzaichin Museum – Community Innovation Center

06:00 – Gathering the participants at the Ivan Patzaichin Museum – Team formation, briefing, and boarding
06:30 – Departure to Ligheanca canal (fishing location)
07:00 – START of the fishing competition
11:30 – END of the fishing competition / return to Mila 23
12:00 – Weighing of the catches (Mila 23)
12:30 – 17:00 – Gastronomic festival (cooking demonstration of bass stew and tasting) and market for deltaic / handmade products
13:30 – Artistic program
17:00 – Award Ceremony
17:30 – 21:00 – Party with DJ


The event also includes educational workshops for children, creative workshops for the general public, and a local products fair.


Additional details:

– Team formation: Teams of 2 fisherwomen, one being a local from Mila 23
– Maximum number of teams allowed: 25
– Participation fee: 200 lei (paid to organizers on the day of the event or online)
– Registration: Complete this form or send a message in the event.


The ladies’ Bibaniada, now in its fourth edition, combines recreational fishing with local gastronomy, folklore, traditions, traditional music, and slow tourism.


Organizers: Ivan Patzaichin Association – Mila 23, with support from the women of Mila 23.

Venue: Ivan Patzaichin Museum – Community Innovation Center, newly inaugurated.

Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23 Association supports local development in the Danube Delta and other natural regions in Romania, promoting the hydrographic heritage, cultural and natural biodiversity, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle through outdoor activities.

Ivan Patzaichin Museum – Community Innovation Center celebrates Ivan Patzaichin’s achievements and provides a framework for promoting the culture and traditions of the Lipovans from Mila 23, highlighting the fragile biodiversity of the Danube Delta. The museum will become an essential pillar in the life of the community, contributing to the evolution of the Delta and the well-being of its inhabitants, offering a model of an institution based on community collaboration.

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